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Integrate Gtalk in your blog

Thanks to Google Talk Chatback badge, one can easily integrate a chat feature in the blog to allow the readers to give their feedback directly to the publisher. The only requirement for using this feature is to have a Google Talk account and that too only for the publisher. The readers don’t need to have a Google Talk account or installation on their computer in order to start a chat. They can just click the badge and start chatting. Chatback uses the web-based Google Talk Gadget so the readers don’t need to download anything and it opens up in a new window. To disable chatting, just set the status to “busy”. This will prevent the readers from sending any messages.

To set up a Chatback badge on your wordpress blog, follow these simple steps

  • Visit the Chatback start page and follow the instructions to create a badge for you. However, there is an important thing to consider – if you are hosting your blog on, then only those styles will work that have (no frame) in their text. Copy the generated HTML to the clipboard.html-snippet
  • In the wordpress administrative panel (Design->Widgets), add the Text widget. Text widget
  • Paste the HTML from the clipboard into the text area.html-widget2
  • Save the changes and there you go.