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Terrorism entering new corners

On Saturday, three bomb blasts of minor intensity struck the Punjabi Complex adjacent to the Al-Hamra Cultural Complex. It was a direct attack on the 11 day long World Performing Arts Festival, an annual event that attracts around 1000 performers from more than 20 countries and has a proud history of 25 years. Despite the security concerns surrounding Pakistan, the event was able to attract hundreds of foreign performers and artists and was dubbed as one of the biggest in the region. The blasts took place at a time when the event was approaching its grand finale and were aimed at terrifying the general public and foreign and local artists from participating in the event. Whats more alarming is the fact that now the terrorists are penetrating into the sports (a blast on Nov 11 outside Qayum stadium) and cultural events happening around the country. This also raises an eyebrow on the security arrangements and the security plans for such events – the claims of foolproof security arrangements now seem more like government’s promises.

This menace of terrorism needs a solution on warfootings before it penetrates deep into the lives and activities of people and make the country unsafe even for the locals leave apart the foreigners.