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Cow – more incidents

Continuing from the previous post, here are some more videos along the same line i.e baqra eid and its accompanying events.

Cow flying kick

Since baqra eid is approaching I thought of sharing this video. This incident happened almost 2 years back but is really interesting. Be ware this may happen to you 🙂

Makro – new product offering for eid

Yesterday, an office colleague mentioned that on this eid makro is offering animals for sale and their price would be determined based on how heavy they weigh, starting from Rs 210 per kg. To my surprise, I found the advertisement for this new product line on their official website.


The ad claims that they have the entire variety of live cows, goats and sheep and that too of the top breed. The prices are starting from Rs 210/kg for Karachi and Rs 240/kg for Lahore. The offer starts from the 1st of ZilHaj and will last up to the eve of Eid. It also guarantees that “A Kg will Always be a Kg!”

A unique proposition, I must say, especially for those who would prefer not to travel up to Sohrab goth to get their animals.