War on Terror – Project Management perspective

Everyday we see a number of analysts, politicans, journalists, etc presenting their views on the war on terror and its implication. Here I present my analysis on the subject from an angle that I can very easily relate to:

Client: USA
Contract: Economic aid, military aid, $$$
Development Methodology: Outsourced, iterative development
Project: War on Terror
Business Development Manager: Mr. Asif Zardari
Project Manager: General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
Analysis Team: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
Development Team: Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps
Development Environment: Federally Administered Tribal Areas
Development Tools: Guns, tanks, artillery, etc
Third Party Support: Drone attacks, CIA intelligence, etc
Quality Assurance: Media, NGOs, journalists, etc
Recent Client Meeting: Asif Zardari’s visit to US from May 5 to May 8, 2009
Recent Published Release: Operation in Swat
Recent Milestone: US approval of additional $1.9 billion in aid to Pakistan


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  4. Suleman Suria on

    Just a little change….
    Development Environment : Pakistan (FATA is just being the first phase of the project)

    Futhermore, an addition to the list:
    User Acceptance Criteria : Pakistan disarmed of its nuclear assets and missile programme.

  5. sadiaali807 on

    i think the pakistan is the country which lost the much more in this war.hope now mr.kiyani do something in the favor of pakistan.nd ISI is best intelligence in the world.

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