Formula 1 kicks in

The 2009 Formula One season finally starts this week with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. With 10 teams and 20 drivers and a number of changes to both the sporting and technical regulations aimed at providing more overtaking opportunities, the season promises to be an exciting one for the audience and the fans. 2009 season will come up with new challenges both for the drivers and the teams because of the new regulations that are being enforced. According to FIA, the new Sporting Regulations are aimed to enforce increased reliability and further cost reductions while the technical changes serve three main objectives – reducing the role of aerodynamics in the cars’ performance; making overtaking easier; and keeping lap times in check.

We may be in for a new champion car and driver this season. The first qualifying session of the season already showed some signs by providing a dream start to the Brawn-Mercedes as it took the top 2 pole position with Jenson Button having his first pole position in three years


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